Served daily between 11am – 4.30pm


Garlic Bread (GFA/V) $9
Toasted ciabatta with a side of housemade garlic butter

Bread & Dips (GFA/V) $13
Sliced focaccia and pizza bread served with a selection of housemade dip

Halloumi Sticks (GFA/V) $12
Battered halloumi served with sweet chilli sauce

Wedges (VA) $15
Hot crispy wedges with bacon, melted cheese, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce

Jalapeno Poppers (V) $15
Crumbed jalapeno and cheese poppers served with chipotle mayonnaise

Crumbed Mushrooms (V) $15
Crumbed mushrooms stuffed with fig jam and whipped puhoi cheese, served with housemade turmeric ranch

Wontons $15
Housemade crispy pork and macadamia wontons, served with apple sauce and aioli

Beef Balls (GF) $14
Housemade beef balls finished with mozzarella and fried onion

Chicken Pate (GFA) $12
Housemade chicken pate served with cranberry sauce and crostini

Quesadillas (V) $15
Cheesy toasted quesadillas served with tequila burnt salsa

Calamari (GF) $15
Salt and vinegar calamari, served with our balsamic reduction and roast pepper hummus

Oysters (GFA) $24
Au natural or battered, served with our Chef’s accompaniments

Fish Bites $12
Battered market fish, served with lemon and romesco

Waterside Platter (GFA) $52
Mussels immersed in our creamy bacon sauce, fish bites, salt & vinegar calamari, fresh oysters, seared scallops, prawns and a selection of bread and housemade dip

Countryside Platter $49
Pork wontons, chicken pate, halloumi sticks, BBQ beef balls, quesadillas, jalapeno poppers and a selection of bread and housemade dip


Steak (GF) $29
300g rump cooked to your liking and served with gratin, seasonal vegetables and our Waterside jus

Salmon (GF) $29
Crispy skin salmon, served with coconut rice, steamed seasonal vegetables and our housemade makhani sauce

Fush & Chups (GFA) $21
Beer battered market fish, served with fries, salad, a wedge of lemon and housemade tartare

Mussels (GFA) $24
Fresh green lipped mussels cooked in our creamy bacon and sweet chilli sauce. Served with pork crackling and toasted ciabatta

Lasagne $22
Our housemade beef bolognese, layered between fresh lasagne sheets and served with your choice of fries or salad

Pork Carbonara (GFA) $23
Braised pork, bacon, onion and mushrooms, immersed in a creamy cheese and garlic carbonara sauce

Frittata (GFA/V) $21
Our cheesy frittata made with fried potatoes and roast capsicum, served with tomato relish and your choice of fries or salad

Steak Sandwich (GFA/VA) $23
Sirloin cooked to medium, served on turkish bread with onion relish, smoked cheese, cos lettuce and aioli, with your choice of fries or salad

Beef Burger (GFA/VA) $24
Housemade beef patty with bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato relish, lettuce and aioli. Topped with baby pickles and served with crispy fries and aioli

Panini (VA) $22
Crumbed chicken with our cranberry compote, brie cheese and spinach. Baked in a panini and served with your choice of fries or salad

Sweetcorn Salad (GF/V) $23
Housemade sweetcorn fritters with halloumi, rocket, corn salsa, red pickled onion and our turmeric ranch dressing

Seafood Salad (GF) $26
Sautéed scallops, prawns and calamari, with seasonal vegetables, rice noodles and drizzled in our chilli soy glaze

Soup of the Day (GFA) $16
Our chef’s soup of the day served with toasted ciabatta

Fish Of The Day $27
Our chef’s special that changes daily


Chocolate Pate (V) $15
Our famous velvet dark chocolate pate, with white chocolate sauce, salted caramel pearls and espresso cream

Cheesecake (GFA/V) $15
Our chef’s special cheesecake that changes daily

Ambrosia Brulee (V) $15
Our creamy brulee made from marshmallow and pineapple lumps, served with berry compote and toasted coconut shavings

Pear Crumble (V) $15
Pear compote topped with jaggery oat crumble, and served with our housemade baileys cream

Bango Cake (GF/V) $15
Our dairy free mango and banana cake, served with coconut whip, mango puree and banana chips

Fruit Salad (V) $15
Crunchy ginger and almond biscotti, with a mandarin and berry salad, served with cinnamon custard and fresh cream

Banana Split (GFA/V) $13
Flamed banana with your choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, wafers, sprinkles and your choice of chocolate, caramel, or raspberry topping

Classic Ice Cream Sundae (GFA/V) $12
Vanilla or chocolate ice cream, with wafers, sprinkles and your choice of chocolate, caramel, or raspberry topping

Freakshakes (V) $14
An extravagant milkshake loaded with ice cream and unique toppings. Available in four flavours: Chocoholic, Caramel Waffle, Red Velvet and a monthly special

Lunch Specials

Nachos (V) $15
Corn chips topped with jalapenos, chipotle avocado, sour cream and cheese, with our haricot bean and capsicum ragout, all served in a fried tortilla bowl

300g Rump $20
Cooked to your liking and served with crispy fries and our housemade diane sauce

Fush & Chups (GFA) $15
A small version of our classic Fush & Chups. Beer battered fish, with fries and served with housemade tartare and a wedge of lemon

Specials are not available in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

GF – Gluten Free | GFA – Gluten Free Available
V – Vegetarian | VA – Vegetarian Available